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2048 Cards

2048 Cards

2048 Cards is a card game based on the 2048 mechanism that is both challenging and fun.

Does that sound cool?

How to get points?

Sliding cards up from the bottom of the deck is step number one. Points are awarded for merging two identical cards with the same number. Compile a number of points. Isn't it simple? It's time!

It's easy to rack up points with 2048 cards:

  • Make a 2048 card.
  • Combos give you a lot of points.
  • Any number can be combined with a wild card. 
  • The cards you don't like can be thrown away.

2048 Merge Solitaire is a no-level free game. However, it's not as simple as playing spider cards. Is it possible to get the sum to 2048?

How To Play 2048 Cards

PUZZLE 2048 solitaire
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